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Top 7 Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Samsung galaxy y is a low range phone that comes with android 2.3.6 gingerbread os. This phone became very popular from november 2011 because everyone got to know that it comes with 2MP camera, android os and 800Ghz Proccessor etc only for Rs.7,500/-. See Pros and Cons of samsung galaxy y to know more about galaxy y.

What are Custom Roms ?

Custom roms are developed or customized roms made by the developers for people who are bored of seeing the stock rom.

Stock Rom – The version of the phone’s operating system that comes with your phone when you buy it.

Why you Need Custom Roms ?

Custom Roms are installed for bettar performance and efficiency, these are also useful for bettar battery life than the stock rom. In this rom’s all the unwanted apps and garbage which use a lot memory are removed and fully customized. I am sure that after installing a custom rom you will see a big difference in custom roms and stock roms.

These are also helpful to fix bugs like SD card removed unexpectedly error in samsung galaxy y and other android phone.

Benefits of Installing Custom Roms

1) Improve perfomance and efficiency,gives more battery life.

2) Free from unwanted apps.

3) Can completely move apps to sd card.

What Should I Do Before Installing a Custom Rom?

1) First you need to Root your phone for superuser permissions to install/flash Custom Rom.

2) If you have already rooted your phone and want to install custom rom then you must have more than 80% battery.

3) Backup all your contacts, messages, memos and apps using astro explorer or any other app which backups everything.

How to Install any Custom Roms?

1) Download the custom rom zip file and put it in SD card.

2) Move that file to clockworkmod > backup folder using file manager.

3) After doing the above step switch off your phone and on it in recovery mode by pressing Volume up + Power+Home buttons simultaneously.

4) Now Select Update from SD card and select Clockworkmod ( Skin 1980 file).

If you don’t have clockworkmod zip file then please check this post – here

5) You will go into Clockworkmod recovery.

6) Before installing the custom rom you need to wipe data and cache.

7) After wiping data and cache go back(to go back use power key).

8 ) In clockworkmod recovery, select backup and restore and in that select custom file name

9) Wait for few seconds until it completes the installation process.

10) After completing, go back and select reboot system now.

11) First boot will take some time, so have some patience. Finish!! After opening the home screen enjoy yourself!

Here Are The Top 7 Custom Rom’s List For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

[sociallocker id=”13721″] Creeds’ Rom V2.5

Creed’s Rom is one of the famous rom’s made by pratyush.creed. In this rom the 14 notifications bar is  very attrative, easy to use and also unique. To know more about creed’s rom see the link from xda developers forum.


Update : Creed’s Fusion 3.1 Rom is out!! check this article – Creeds fusion 3.1 rom for samsung galaxy y.

Cyanogen Mod 7 Rom

You all know that cyanogenmod is one of a famous custom rom for all android phones. Though they officially didn’t release this but the dev did it for samsung galaxy y. To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.


Hybrid Rom V4.0

This rom comes with two variants, 1) standard and 2) lite versions. This rom is ICS themed and built with DDLC3 firmware. To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.


Repencis Rom V3

This custom rom features Deodexed all. Apk, A2sd Darktermor (pro edition) with a variety of features in it, Connected with the latest Busybox smylink, DXLC1 customized System Firmware. For screenshots visit the link in xda forums.


Aurora Rom V1

This rom is well built with all the needs, it comes  with DXKL2 firmware, removed samsung bloatware, added dsp manager,google music etc. To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.

Update – aurora v2 is also released! visit the below link for more….


InfectedRom Blazed V 2.5.2

This rom is made by eaglerazor123, actually this dev doesn’t own this device but made a rom to us with help of experienced dev’s and also test it! This rom takes 6th place! To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.


ChobitsDigitalisV1.6 ROM

This rom takes the last place in this article, because it is last don’t under estimate this rom. This rom expands battery life and its has cyan themed UI. For more screenshots and zip file visit the link from xda developers forum.


Finally you all know the top 7 custom roms for samsung galaxy y. It is up to you to choose one of the rom from above list and install.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages!! It is up to you because its your device.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and thanks for reading. If you get any issues please let us know via comments.