Monday 30 March 2015
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Top 7 Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Samsung galaxy y is a low range phone that comes with android 2.3.6 gingerbread os. This phone became very popular from november 2011 because everyone got to know that it comes with 2MP camera, android os and 800Ghz Proccessor etc only for Rs.7,500/-. See Pros and Cons of samsung galaxy y to know more about galaxy y.

What are Custom Roms ?

Custom roms are developed or customized roms made by the developers for people who are bored of seeing the stock rom.

Stock Rom – The version of the phone’s operating system that comes with your phone when you buy it.

Why you Need Custom Roms ?

Custom Roms are installed for bettar performance and efficiency, these are also useful for bettar battery life than the stock rom. In this rom’s all the unwanted apps and garbage which use a lot memory are removed and fully customized. I am sure that after installing a custom rom you will see a big difference in custom roms and stock roms.

These are also helpful to fix bugs like SD card removed unexpectedly error in samsung galaxy y and other android phone.

Benefits of Installing Custom Roms

1) Improve perfomance and efficiency,gives more battery life.

2) Free from unwanted apps.

3) Can completely move apps to sd card.

What Should I Do Before Installing a Custom Rom?

1) First you need to Root your phone for superuser permissions to install/flash Custom Rom.

2) If you have already rooted your phone and want to install custom rom then you must have more than 80% battery.

3) Backup all your contacts, messages, memos and apps using astro explorer or any other app which backups everything.

How to Install any Custom Roms?

1) Download the custom rom zip file and put it in SD card.

2) Move that file to clockworkmod > backup folder using file manager.

3) After doing the above step switch off your phone and on it in recovery mode by pressing Volume up + Power+Home buttons simultaneously.

4) Now Select Update from SD card and select Clockworkmod ( Skin 1980 file).

If you don’t have clockworkmod zip file then please check this post – here

5) You will go into Clockworkmod recovery.

6) Before installing the custom rom you need to wipe data and cache.

7) After wiping data and cache go back(to go back use power key).

8 ) In clockworkmod recovery, select backup and restore and in that select custom file name

9) Wait for few seconds until it completes the installation process.

10) After completing, go back and select reboot system now.

11) First boot will take some time, so have some patience. Finish!! After opening the home screen enjoy yourself!

Here Are The Top 7 Custom Rom’s List For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

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Creeds’ Rom V2.5

Creed’s Rom is one of the famous rom’s made by pratyush.creed. In this rom the 14 notifications bar is  very attrative, easy to use and also unique. To know more about creed’s rom see the link from xda developers forum.


Update : Creed’s Fusion 3.1 Rom is out!! check this article – Creeds fusion 3.1 rom for samsung galaxy y.

Cyanogen Mod 7 Rom

You all know that cyanogenmod is one of a famous custom rom for all android phones. Though they officially didn’t release this but the dev did it for samsung galaxy y. To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.


Hybrid Rom V4.0

This rom comes with two variants, 1) standard and 2) lite versions. This rom is ICS themed and built with DDLC3 firmware. To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.


Repencis Rom V3

This custom rom features Deodexed all. Apk, A2sd Darktermor (pro edition) with a variety of features in it, Connected with the latest Busybox smylink, DXLC1 customized System Firmware. For screenshots visit the link in xda forums.


Aurora Rom V1

This rom is well built with all the needs, it comes  with DXKL2 firmware, removed samsung bloatware, added dsp manager,google music etc. To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.

Update – aurora v2 is also released! visit the below link for more….


InfectedRom Blazed V 2.5.2

This rom is made by eaglerazor123, actually this dev doesn’t own this device but made a rom to us with help of experienced dev’s and also test it! This rom takes 6th place! To know more about this rom see the link from xda developers forum.


ChobitsDigitalisV1.6 ROM

This rom takes the last place in this article, because it is last don’t under estimate this rom. This rom expands battery life and its has cyan themed UI. For more screenshots and zip file visit the link from xda developers forum.


Finally you all know the top 7 custom roms for samsung galaxy y. It is up to you to choose one of the rom from above list and install.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages!! It is up to you because its your device.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and thanks for reading. If you get any issues please let us know via comments.

  • Keith

    For me Chobits Digitalis works best and also the most beautiful ROM I had seen though I am using it now! I do not like the other ROMs you posted in the top 6. Sorry, I am just saying the truth

    • Aditya Chintha

      Don’t you like the creed’s rom and cyanogen 7 mod ……try them those are awesome!!!! :)

      • Keith

        I do not like Creeds’ rom. I haven’t seen Cyanogen mod yet.

        • Aditya Chintha

          then you must try it!! :)

      • Keith

        Creed’s rom doesn’t fit my taste… :))

      • Keith

        I tried all of them, but still, Chobits fits my taste. I am now using Chobits Digitalis Legacy Reloaded.

    • Packszed311

      i agree with you..


    for me Repencis and WeUI is so good… i tried all the above roms… and cm7 has so many bugs…

  • Satyakam @ Grassroots marketing

    I think cyanogen 7 mod is rocking for me.. BTW Cool Share. :)

  • swapan

    is ther ics official rom available for galaxy y

    • Aditya Chintha

      galaxy y is not compatable with ics , so it can’t have a ics 4 update!!

  • swapan

    plse reply


    creeds rom has lot of buds….. nor satisfied

  • Priyam

    can I install any custom rom over another custom rom in Galaxy Y s5360? mean to say If I dont get back in my default ROM, without that I installed one Custom rom over another, So their will be a problem??? PLease tell me..

    • Aditya Chintha

      yes you can install custom rom over a custom rom…..and you can get back to stock rom whenever its needed!! hope this will be helpfull…

  • Mandar Pawaskar

    i by mistakely selected the option of reset to factory default……and now the creeds rom isnt booting…..i forcefully switched off the device by removing the battery and now the device is showing a critical situation error…i selected the continue option and its downloading something dont know what…please help to restore my device back to normal status

    • Aditya Chintha

      what it is downloading??? and i want to know it more clearly….please contact me via contact page!!

      • pampam

        I have same trouble, after instal creed’s 3.1 and boot, my galaxy y just showing creed’s boot log on…

      • http://errorbootingorwhat? pampam

        I have the same trouble..
        after instaling this ROM I have this warning
        A custom OS Can cause critical problems in your phone and installed applications.
        If you want to download a custom OS, press the volume up key. Otherwise, press the volume Down to cancel.”

        *when I chose volume up the screen fill with this

        ODIN MODE
        PRODUCT NAME: GT-S5360
        CUSTOM BIN DOWN:NO (0 counts)

        (android logo)
        Do not turn off target !!

        * when I chose volume down the screen will showing creed’s boot log on an nothing hapen.. boot log on only

        is that normal, what should I do ?

        • jude

          it is Odin mode use in unrooting your SGY

          hard to speak english :)

          try to do this steps.

          1. press the volume up + home key + power key
 “aply update from sdcard”
          3.choose the custom rom
          4.after it finished installing choose wipe cache and particion it is number 3 and 4
          5.check the web if my direction is wright so you wont brick your SGY

          i just unroot my device becouse there are many bugs


  • Jaikee

    Cool all rom for Galaxy Y at one place…Right now, Bala ROM is most developed one.

  • Sam

    bro creeds rom 3.1 is out for about 3 months and u are still posting 2.5!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shreneek

    Aditya Chintha plz tell me how to remove all roms,i want my real phone plzzzzzzzz……telllllllll……… meee…………

    • Aditya Chintha

      flash to stock rom using odin!!

  • haru

    pls help me to decide,

    i have galaxy young and wanted to change the version of my OS. im not so techy about tis but i just need to know whats cool.. pls help..

    • Aditya Chintha

      you can check my links for what is cool in the roms!!

  • vikash

    which is the best rom?

    • Aditya Chintha

      Creed’s Fusion 3.0

      • vikash

        thanks man!

  • dinesh

    Hi thanks aditya, i hav cmpltly undrstd stock n custom ROMs. i copied creeds fusion 3.1 to my sd card as a .zip file. before to tht i installed CWM prfctly n also backdup my phone stuff n after tht…..i entered in CWM..selected creeds fusion 3.1 .zip file n it strtd installing..afta som time it showed custom ROM (creeds fusion,,smthing…. was written tht i don remembr rite now) is completely installed. i rebooted it BUT the screen showed “samsung galaxy SGT-5360″ aftr tht the screen was 1st showing “creeds ROM(wid music)” followed by some “twistin ladder like helix (like DNA structure)” vich is travellin vertical upwards(som wt 3D animations type)..n it kept on lik tht ….for 15mins..i presd home butn,,,,afta tht power butn,,bla bla( i waited more thn 30mins) ntng happened. i again went CWM mode n restored my stock ROM. my phone is wrking gud now. may i know wt steps i missed..n can u post a complt video to instal creeds ROM. thnk u…

  • tushar pingle

    I flashed my cell with a custom rom and I want to flash my cell with a new rom should I flash my stock rom first via odin or should I flashed the new rom as I flashed the old one???? Rply asap….

    • Aditya Chintha

      just flash the other rom as you did it early!!

  • vamsi

    frndz i rooted my device …
    i recently installed creeds rom
    after installation..
    i restarted my phone but it is not starteing….
    sooy for my english
    plzzz help me

  • vinyas

    Whats ur opinion on Creed’s Rom 3.5

  • Edwin

    Hi Adithya,
    Good tutorial of yours there. I am a constant follower of your tutorials which i find usually covers all details related to the subject so that nobody ever needs to comment! About this one though – I would like to make something absolutely sure – will I definitely lose all my data? ( contacts, settings, apps, images, videos, memos…) If so how do I prevent it. (create a backup)
    Thanks in advance and congrats for the great work!

    • Aditya Chintha

      thanks for following our posts and keeps visiting our blog for more updates!!

      U didn’t give a reason that when u lose the date, if it is when u are creating backup of rom

      then its absolutely no, u don’t lose ur data when u backup ur rom!!!

  • Umair Amin

    Hi Aditya… can you plzzz tell me which ROM is best among all above…..

  • Shravan SP

    WTF!!! 800ghz processor lol :D

    • Aditya Chintha

      wht u talking abt?

  • sizz rahul

    hi aditya,i just installed creeds rom 2.0 on my galaxy y but i lost my status bar!!!can u tell me how to install 14 status bar toggles???reply ASAP.thank u.

    • Aditya Chintha

      i already updated that creed rom’s not working now!!! you should need to get back to stock rom via odin!!

  • Osho Garg

    Thanks For Sharing :)
    According To Me Cyanogen 7 Mod Is Best :)

  • ronie

    hi. do you have any rom for my galaxy y 2.3.5!? tnx pls reply

    • Aditya Chintha

      above are the only best roms which i listed!!!

      • diksha

        Hi Aditya,
        Have seen similar threads but can’t find a solution. I have a Samsung Galaxy Young S5360 where the boot is stuck and doesn’t get past the Samsung logo. In recovery mode, I have applied the wipe data/factory reset but the problem doesn’t get solved. In recovery mode when entering ‘reboot system now’ I get the error E: failed to mount data E: copy_log_files_to_data : : can’t mount /data and then it just goes back to looping at startup. Right now I am trying recovery in ODIN Mode about which I hav eno idea, for past 1 hour screen is saying, downloading, do not turn off the target with android symbol/logo. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • vinay

    my galaxy y is slow and how to backup my rom ??? plz reply

  • hamza

    hey aditya there is an ics rom for galaxy y well i have made it by picking some files of s2s custom rom and creed rom its shows its android version 4.0 but some apps forcecloses can you tell me why

  • parth

    when i was installing custom rom after that it showed that your kernal has been installed.
    but when i pressed reebot button, it is just showing galaxy y logo not starting
    what do i do??is my phone bricked??

    • Aditya Chintha

      dont worry your phone is not bricked!!! just get back to stock rom using odin!!!!

  • Satyendra

    Hey!Anybody else suggest me the custom/cyanogen rom for my rooted samsung galaxy pro b7510(upgrade to gingerbread 2.3.6)

  • Vignesh Kumar

    Hi ,
    I really need your help, how can i get installed stock rom for samsung galaxy y,
    currently i installed jelly blast, In this messaging app and camera is not working properly.
    so, previously you posted that use odin, I don’t know how to use odin, so please help me to get stock rom.

  • chinmay prabhu

    I have samsung galaxy pop mobile
    I have updated my phone succesfully
    But while back up my phone got switch off and now not starting
    can any 1 help me please?????????????

  • casan

    hi. is sgy v. 2.3.5 compatable on any rom listed above?

  • Harshad Patil

    Plz help me my galxy y saying (invailid arggument) failed to mount/cache plz help me !!!!!!!!! :(

  • Keith

    Please update this page… There are many new ROMs released in XDA Forums. Please update so I can choose a new ROM. Thanks.

  • scofield

    i have installed creed rom 3.5 but my internet settings is not working like before
    if i change the sim internet is not working another time i have to cal the custermar care to get the settings before flas the rom everythings is working automaticly how to fix
    if any one how to fix plzzzz tl me

    • Kr. Prithvi

      This seems to be a network problem. You can do one thing, get your APN name from customer care and create a new network profile with that APN and then connect using that profile..

  • sudhi

    Is der any gaming rom whch will improve the gamng..?
    lyk installing new games whch was not compctble bfore…??? Plz reply ….

    • Kr. Prithvi

      There is no such ROM which is basically designed just to give you better gaming option. Gaming depends on the speed of your processor and capacity of your RAM,ROM just gives you the creativity. You can choose any of the above mentioned ROM for that. Cheers

  • shank

    i have installed a custom rom remix v2 with clockworkmod recovery but i wanted to go back to the original os usind odin i tried flashing my galaxy y but when ever i go to download mode my phone goes into clockworkmod recovery so is there an alternative way to flash the phone to original os i get the yellow light which states that my phone is detected but still i m not able to flash do u have any idea why this is happening

    • Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

      Did you try hard resetting your mobile phone?? In most of the cases, that works.

  • prabin

    my phone is not being start and it takes a lot of time for booting plz plz help i am stuck please contact me in facebook plz plz

    • Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

      It mainly happens because of a lot of junk data on your phone memory. Format your phone and make sure nothing remains in there.

  • haylen

    Awesome post. Keep up the good work.

    • Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

      Thanks a lot for your words. We are always committed to make our readers feel better.

  • Sergio Gabriel

    Can I have a Windows 8 custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y? I want to try a windows phone OS on my Galaxy S5360. Please tell me the procedure.

    • Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

      I have already included one for you in this post. Try that out, you would love it

  • ej

    i have tried creed and hyperion rom for galaxy y. but i merge it into one . 2 hypercreed

  • prakash shaw

    I am bored with the ginger bread. I have galaxy y duos (GT-s6102) can i change the rom and make it like galaxy s3 ??? pls tell me…

  • diksha

    Have seen similar threads but can’t find a solution. I have a Samsung Galaxy Young S5360 where the boot is stuck and doesn’t get past the Samsung logo. In recovery mode, I have applied the wipe data/factory reset but the problem doesn’t get solved. In recovery mode when entering ‘reboot system now’ I get the error E: failed to mount data E: copy_log_files_to_data : : can’t mount /data and then it just goes back to looping at startup. Right now I am trying recovery in ODIN Mode about which I hav eno idea, for past 1 hour screen is saying, downloading, do not turn off the target with android symbol/logo. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks