Thursday 24 August 2017
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Cell Phone Spy: Software available and reviews

What Makes Cell Phone Spy So Special And Relevant

If you are looking for some highly discreet monitoring devices, then you have reasons to find this article interesting. Spying, using cell phone software is becoming quite common and it is today referred to as one of the most high tech cell phone monitoring. Hence there is a growing demand for various types of cell phone spy software solutions. Not all of us have the right knowledge and information about the subject. Hence we will gather some information about the software solutions apart from looking at a few of them.


What is Cell Phone Spy Software

Put in plain and simple words, it comes in the form of software which can be installed into a cell phone, whether it runs on iOS, Android or other platforms. Once installed it can perform the task of monitoring as to how the cell phones are used by the end users. It has a number of capabilities and possibilities and a few of them are being shared here under.


What does Cell Phone Spy Software does

You can do quite a few things with suitable cell phone spy software. It could help monitor text messages. All SMS received and sent can be read and the contents can also be read by those who wish to monitor them. The date and time stamps will also be available as a record. It also would be possible to have a detailed report of calls made and received from a mobile phone. Additionally it also comes with other features such as monitoring of emails, GPS tracking, and also helps the stakeholders to have a look at the files that are available in a phone. It also allows recording of calls and monitoring of message received and sent.


How can Cell Phone Spy Software be helpful

There are many ways and means in which good spy software can be useful. Parents today are quite worried because of the wrong use of mobile phones. Therefore, when the right spy software is installed, it will be possible to track the usage of the phone and also monitor movements of young children. It will help in alerting the parents before something risky or dangerous happens.

It also could be extremely useful for corporate houses, small and medium sized business. The risk of data theft and pilferage of vital information is real for many organizations. The mobile phone being a small device can be conveniently used for this purpose. Hence many corporate houses have started using spy software to monitor the activities of employees and other stakeholders.

The Downsides Of This Software

While there are quite a few benefits in using good cell phone spy software, it also comes with a number of problems and disadvantages. First and foremost, it is all about infringing on the private rights of a person, whether he or she is a minor or major.  Using it is akin to intrude and no one would like to have each and every activity of their mobile phone being watched by somebody else. Further, it could also be misused and could lead to criminal activities too. Finally, the risk of virus attacks and malware infection of mobile phones is also a real problem with such software. There are some serious legal issues pertaining to such software which also remains unanswered.

Cell Phone Spy Softwares review

We will try and have a look at a few renowned names for those who are planning to buy the right cell phone spy software.


If you have an iPhone to monitor and trail, then choosing mSpy could be a good option. It has some great features. It is simple to use and there are many customers who find it to be one of the easiest to operate spy software solutions. There customer service is also of a high standard. It has all the basic facilities which one would expect of such software. It does not have a jailbreak solution and the software remains stored in a cloud environment and only data and information is uploaded for review and monitoring.

Highster Mobile

If you wish to spy the smart way on any Android smart phone then choosing Highster Mobile would be a great choice. It is extremely easy to operate. All that you need to do is to download the software and have it installed in the phone which you would like to spy on. You can then activate it with the license key and it is all ready for use. It comes fully configured and therefore there is nothing much to do as far as settings and other such functions are concerned. It also has a stealth camera apart from other functions. It helps you to get secret pictures which can be sent to the account holder. Further it also has facilities for monitoring social media usage such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and even SnapChat messages.


This is often referred to as one of the most feature rich mobile phone spy software. It has quite a few advanced features. It words quite well on a number of platforms including Android, iOS, Symban and Blackberry. Amongst the many features it has something known as call intercept which helps you to intercept a live call as it happens. The surroundings of the phone can also be recorded and can be uploaded to the control panel. You also can listen to the whole thing live as it happens. It also has a password cracker facility and can also spy on passwords. There are many other features including instant GPS location finding, ability to control the phone remotely and much more. Therefore if you are looking for something very special it makes lot of sense to go for this spy software.


Mobistealth is another spy-software which has won the admiration of many users. It is feature rich, it is affordable, and it comes with a number of new and modern features. End users also find it easy to make use of and this is another reason why it could be a good buy. However, as far as social media monitoring is concerned, it could lack the punch which many others offer.

Track my Fone

This is a sophisticated and useful software for peeping into the mobile phone of those whom you wish. It is visually appealing and users find it quite simple to navigate and make use of. It can help monitor calls, messages and also go through the browser history in detail. It also has the best of GPS function enabling real time monitoring of the cell phone.


At the end of the day there is no doubt that there are different types of mobile spying software and customers can choose the ones which they think will suit their specific needs and requirements.











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